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Ring of big cube cristal swarovski for men


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Ring dupont grand cube cristal swarovski for men, cube is hold and lied by black beads Bohemia, extraordinary and unique design under the AimBeau brand.


Big cube crystal is our first ring design for men.
This ring is adorned with a large Swarovski crystal cube in size 12mm surrounded by diamond rhinestone. The big Swarovski cube is transparent in black and white burst crystal, clean and elegant. The body of the ring is linded by the bohemian black beads incarnated with a gold-plated ball engraved with the AB logo of AIMBEAU.

This ring shows its side of discretion by carecting it at the same time very chic; his discretion at the same time living with a fashion allure and masculine charm. There are white and blue colors, sizes from 56 to 66 and all sizes to suit your needs. the ring is made by hand in our workshop in France.

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Classique à la fois moderne, Simple à la fois sophistique


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