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Ring Euginie cristal Swarovski


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Ring Euginie lady sophisticated, It is both chic band classic.
It’s hand-made processing is realy sophisticated, complex and meticulous. It’s exceptional royal beauty to enchant you.


Eugénie ring has a chic and classic design. It is made up of different pearls and in different colors which are brought together in a perfect way.
Carefully handcrafted, the Eugenie Ring features a premium setting that showcases the Swarovski crystal bead. A large stone in topaz gold color at the top as the sun rises then surrounded by small variable pearls like stars. The combination of the topaz color and the small pearls in gold finish gives it an elegant and refined look. It is ranked the 3rd favorite model of the designer of AIMBEAU.

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Dimensions 2,2 × 1,8 × 3,5 cm

Topaze, Dorado AB,